About Sara

Sara Wright is Transportation Program Director for Oregon Environmental Council

Sara loves working in transportation policy because transportation systems powerfully affect our bodies, our communities, and our natural environment. Transportation is central to the lives of Oregonians, and essential to a healthier future.

Sara is a life-long generalist, but she has always centered her work on the way that people are affected by the built and natural environments in which we live. She has an undergraduate biology degree from Carleton College and masters degrees in public health and urban planning from Boston University and Portland State University. She has worked in environmental education, environmental toxics advocacy and outreach, transportation demand management, and land use and transportation planning, with organizations including the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Physicians for Social Responsibility and the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. In her work life, she has also been a little league umpire, bottle-fed baby lambs, drawn diagrams of cells, done surgery on squash plants to remove vine borers, wrapped new library books in plastic covers, and argued with a boss about whether it’s okay to sell pastries that have been dropped on the floor. (It’s really not.)

Sara’s favorite leisure-time activity is and will always be lying in a hammock, reading a book. Otherwise, she likes making lists, exploring new cities on foot, and learning new things, especially when they shine a new light on the old things.


If I didn’t, I would fall into despair. We have so much potential to reimagine our systems and structures to support our communities sustainably, and so much work to do to realize that potential. I am responsible to the future of the place where I choose to live, so I do the work.

How to Contact Sara:

Phone: (503) 222-1963 x116