About Colin

As our Project Consultant for Market Innovation (and former staff member) to OEC, Colin is working to engage more organizations in values-based investing and assisting OEC with projects related to reducing toxic chemicals.

Prior to his work with OEC, Colin worked as an environmental scientist. He has a MURP and a BS in environmental sciences. He enjoys backpacking, biking, being on the water, and food.

I Protect Oregon Because…

I believe that clean air and water, healthy food, and safe buildings are basic rights. I’m devoted to protecting and enhancing these rights. We all  deserve to have these basic needs met and rights protected. I work on behalf of the people and our communities, human and ecological. While our survival depends on healthy ecosystems, nature has inherent value beyond our meeting our needs. That’s why I’m devoted to collaborating with businesses, agencies, advocates, and other organizations. I believe that together we can create transformational changes that reinvigorate our democracy, build equity and opportunity, and ultimately strengthen our resiliency.

How to Contact Colin:

Email: colinp[at]