About Clement

Native Portlanders are a rare breed as Portland continues to experience an incredible influx of transplants from around the country. Clement Uduk is one of these rare individuals. As a youth, his passion for golf and being outdoors, along with his curiosity in science and math, led to him wanting to become a conservationist and environmentalist. He received his bachelor’s in environmental science from the University of Portland. Clement has knowledge and interest in GIS and water resource issues, recently completing a graduate certificate in GIS at PSU. Currently, the jack-of-all-trades-and-interests works as a middle school integrated science teacher. When this guy isn’t teaching, you will most likely see or hear him celebrating (or bemoaning) being a Trail Blazers fan, discussing his fantasy baseball or football team, telling you why he thinks Drake is overrated or out at Colwood playing some par 3 golf.