Indoor air: Air cleaning tools

When it comes to healthy indoor air, there’s no substitute for fresh air flowing in your home. But there are ways to give that fresh air a boost:

  •  Dust with a damp cloth: Studies find up to 66 toxic substances in household dust.
  •  Go shoe-free indoors: Avoid tracking in pollutants by removing shoes at the front door.
  •  Try micro-fiber cloths for dusting. Microfiber cloths and mops are a great tool for dusting floors and surfaces. Particles cling to the microscopic hooks and loops, picking up dust without using cleaning products.
  •  Don’t buy an ozone generator. Air filters, electronic particle cleaners and ionizers can help control pollutants, but ozone generators are not safe.
  •  Research air cleaners. Cleaners may filter either particles, gases or both. Air cleaners are also rated for room size. A guide from the Environmental Protection Agency can help you pick a cleaner that is right for both your room size and the type of pollutant.
  •  Maintain houseplants to absorb air pollutants. Heartleaf philodendron, spider plant, peace lily, snake plant, gerbera daisies, pot mums and bamboo palm can remove some pollutants. Be careful to control mold, mildew and pests in plants.
    The way you maintain your home can make a big difference to your family’s health. Get a healthy homes checkup with our guide and tips.