Toxic Free Environments

Three children in kindergarten playing with building blocks andWe all deserve healthy, safe environments. That’s why we work to protect Oregonians from harmful chemicals in our air, water, food and in our homes and buildings. Oregon Environmental Council brings people together around partnerships and policies that make information available (link to toxics disclosure blog), establish protective chemical policies, create market demand for safer, non-toxic products and provide greener choices that allow us all to protect what we love.


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Exposure to toxic chemicals contributes to a range of chronic diseases and disabilities. Infants and children are particularly vulnerable to toxic pollution and Oregon’s people of color, indigenous and low-income communities often bear a greater burden of toxic exposure.

But it is possible to make children’s products without using toxic chemicals. That’s why OEC supports a law (link to toxics disclosure blog post) here in Oregon that would require manufacturers of children’s products to disclose their use of chemicals that are of the greatest concern to children’s health.

It is possible for Oregonians to breathe free. That’s why OEC provides tools to reduce your exposure to pollution both indoors and out, helping to alleviate asthma and disease (link to infographics).

Explore how Oregon Environmental Council is working to create toxic-free environments through: