Sustainable Food and Farms

What we eat and how it is farmed has a tremendous impact on the quality of our environment. Over 25% of Oregon’s land is used to grow our food, plants, seeds and support the animals we rely on for food and fiber. The way farmers and ranchers manage Oregon’s agricultural lands can significantly impact, both positively and negatively, the quality of our water, air and natural areas. Food processing and distribution can also impact our air and water quality through transportation, packaging, and manufacturing.

At Oregon Environmental Council we believe that Oregon can be a leader in creating a food production and farming industry that protects our health and the environment. Our work to reduce the use of pesticides has prevented thousands of pounds of these chemicals from polluting our rivers and streams. We also work with farmers, nurserymen and growers across the state to help them build the health of our soils, reduce their reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, protect the health of our streams and rivers, and make Oregon farming more climate friendly. We are engaged in making smart policy to regulate genetically modified organisms.