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Green Products and Places


As much as we love the outdoors, most Oregonians spend far more time indoors. That’s why Oregon Environmental Council is working to ensure that Oregon’s buildings make the most efficient use of energy and water, and are constructed and furnished with products that use the least toxic chemicals. Since 1968, OEC has been a source of practical, science-based tips and tools help folks create healthful places and lighten their environmental footprint. Yet in order to make green choices as individuals, we need to know what’s in our products and we need green choices in the marketplace.

Oregon Environmental Council envisions Oregon as a model in developing local, more sustainable businesses and industries. We believe the concept of sustainability represents a powerful, emerging innovation platform. That’s why OEC is leading the development and implementation of policies that support the use of green chemistry to design safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals and we’re strengthening demand for more sustainable products through our Healthy Purchasing Initiative.

How You Can Take Action: