Climate Protection

Preschool children playing on playground with teacher

A prosperous and sustainable future for Oregon depends on a healthy, stable climate. Oregon Environmental Council works directly with businesses, elected officials and community leaders across the state to take real and immediate action to curb the biggest driver of climate change: climate pollution from the use of fossil fuels. By working now for lasting solutions, OEC helps protect the state against the costly and dangerous effects of extreme weather and air pollution while helping to build a strong clean energy economy for us all.

Take Action now: 

Everything in our lives depends on the climate around us, from the food we eat to the water that supports our health and homes. But our climate is changing and the impacts are appearing across Oregon: extreme weather and droughts, changes to our ocean that threaten our fish and shellfish, and low snow levels – impacting our recreation and play.

OEC is acting now to reduce climate pollution and protect the Oregon we love. We are working to cut pollution by transitioning to cleaner energy, cleaner fuels, and climate friendly transportation options. The result will be cleaner air, a stronger economy, more jobs and healthier, more vibrant communities.”

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