Our statements on recent action: One step closer for Clean Energy Jobs

SALEM — This afternoon, the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and House Committee on Energy and Environment voted in favor of the Clean Energy Jobs bill, SB 1507/HB 4001. The Clean Energy Jobs bill limits climate pollution from the state’s biggest emitters, creates a flexible market-based strategy to enforce the limit, and invests the proceeds in renewable energy and energy-saving strategies for businesses and individuals in rural and urban communities across Oregon.

The bill now goes to Senate and House Rules Committees.

Andrea Durbin, Executive Director, Oregon Environmental Council: “Hundreds of people from every district in the state urged action from lawmakers this week. We applaud the forward movement of the Clean Energy Jobs bills. The voices of thousands of Oregonians cannot, and should not, be ignored. This bill is ready. Years of work make this a solution fit for Oregon. It creates tremendous benefit for desperately needed investments that cut pollution and establishes Oregon as a clean energy economy leader.”

Meredith Connolly, Oregon Director, Climate Solutions: “The Clean Energy Jobs bill is an innovative climate solution that bolsters Oregon’s economy and the health of our communities. After more than ten years of deliberation, the legislature has taken an important step forward toward passing a policy that gets serious about meeting our state’s climate goals. The impacts of the climate crisis harm the Oregon we love. It’s time to seize the clean energy opportunities created by pricing climate pollution.”

Rhett Lawrence, Conservation Director, Sierra Club Oregon Chapter: “We simply can’t afford to wait any longer to pass climate legislation in Oregon. We are excited to see the Clean Energy Jobs legislation moving forward and urge our decision makers to make it even stronger in order to protect our most vulnerable communities.”

Doug Moore, Executive Director, Oregon League of Conservation Voters: “At a time when we have worsening wildfires and depleted snowpacks, Oregon can’t afford to waste another year ignoring climate change. We’ve seen that the federal government won’t act, which is why the legislature needs to finally price pollution in 2018. Clean Energy Jobs makes investments into building a clean energy economy that will benefit Oregonians all across the state. It’s really a product of a broad coalition of Oregonians coming together because they love this state and want to see it protected in the future.”

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