Oregon's future depends on you

Times change, but values don’t.
Now is the time to remember that today’s reality does not define who we are; it tests who we are. History shows that the deep-seated values that define us are always more important than circumstance. Our work defines the difference between hope or despair. Between a healthy future for our children or a future threatened by climate change.Between a livable state or unchecked growth. We choose hope and a better Oregon for all.
Investing in a better Oregon for all

  • Oregon Impact Investors Three-Year Pledge*

    To have a powerful impact on the solutions we are championing, we need multi- year commitments. This allows us to ensure that we have the staff and capacity we need to focus on the work ahead. We are asking our supporters and investors to join our Oregon Impact Investors with three-year pledged gifts. This special giving program allows you to make a longer-term philanthropic commitment and provide a predictable revenue stream that helps us focus on our work. *Minimum gift of $25,000 over three years.

  • The Strategic Opportunities Fund

    New opportunities and challenges are always emerging, so this unrestricted donation allows Oregon Environmental Council to put your money where it is needed most. This fund provides immediately accessible resources to underwrite critical priorities, seize emerging opportunities and support important initiatives crucial to our mission. The Strategic Opportunities Fund is especially important in an era of federal cutbacks and will have a positive ripple effect for future generations.

  • Building Our Long-Term Endowment

    An endowment is a vital resource committed to Oregon Environmental Council’s future. It symbolizes long-term stability, fiscal responsibility, and financial viability. While we seek annual contributions from members, friends, corporations and foundations, our continued development depends significantly on the growth of our endowment portfolio. Keeping Oregon Environmental Council strong and effective for the years ahead requires a reliable source of income in perpetuity.

For more information contact andread@oeconline.org

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