Oregon’s future depends on you

A special message from former Secretary of State of Oregon, Bill Bradbury

This year Oregon Environmental Council celebrates its 50th anniversary. Reaching a major milestone is an auspicious time to look back and appreciate what it took to protect the quality of life we value as Oregonians. It’s also a time to re-commit to what our future could hold. As we face a critical turning point, now—just like when we first formed—Oregon’s future depends on people like you.

Since its founding in 1968, OEC has stood as a reliable, result-driven nonprofit, made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. As an OEC member, you’ve been part of our laudable 50-year track record of taking a broader perspective and finding innovative, workable, people-centered solutions. The strength of OEC’s policies can be measured by the lasting nature of the outcomes.  

When I talk about the longstanding impacts of policies enacted over Oregon Environmental Council’s 50-year history, it’s personal. Without these landmark environmental protections:

  • You’d be drinking contaminated water without the Groundwater Protection Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • You’d be breathing air with ever-increasing levels of toxic fumes without the Clean Car Standards, Clean Fuel Program, and millions of dollars of investments into transportation choices like transit, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. 
  • You and those you love would be at greater risk of exposure to toxic chemicals where you live, work, and play without the Mercury Reduction Act and the Toxic-Free Kids Act.

Oregon Environmental Council’s work has a direct impact on keeping you and your family healthier.  Our results are in your lungs. In your bloodstream. In your immune system.

Today with new environmental challenges before us, we stand at the brink of an unprecedented turning point. Oregon’s future depends on each of us standing up and demanding action. 

That sense of urgency you’re feeling is real.

And it demands a real response from each of us. 

Climate change is no longer just a threat for future generations. It’s happening right now, and its impacts can be seen right here in Oregon. From the decline of salmon populations to devastating wildfires, dire consequences that once seemed unthinkable are unfolding before our eyes. There’s no time to lose. 

You know what’s been happening at the federal level. Climate protections are being undone by the current administration and forward momentum has been shifted to reverse. Because of the actions being taken by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and the Trump Administration, we have every reason to demand increased action and protection at the state level. We must stand strong and insist on forward progress, just as we did in 1968. 

We can impact what Oregon will look like 50 years from now. With so much at stake and so little time, I want to reassure you there is reason to be hopeful. 

Oregon Environmental Council is where I find my optimism. Exceptional results are possible when we work together. Imagine a future where…

…we can raise a glass to the health of our cherished water resources,

…we can breathe deeply, knowing that harmful air pollution is a thing of the past,

…we can stand tall as national leaders for climate protection.

Today, I ask you to invest in Oregon’s future. Longtime OEC members have generously issued an ambitious challenge: to match donations up to a total of $25,000. When you give now, your gift will go twice as far! Together, we can meet this goal and raise $50,000 for Oregon’s environment and our future!

Give like the future depends on it, because Oregon’s future depends on you.

Stand with me as we meet this challenge—together.

With appreciation,



Bill Bradbury
Former Secretary of State of Oregon and Member of Oregon Environmental Council

P.S. >> Bonus! When you contribute to the Spring Membership Challenge with a gift of $35 or more, Oregon Environmental Council would love to say thank you with a lovely limited-edition, pocket notebook, produced right here in Oregon using 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based ink. Get yours today!




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