Oregon World Water Day 2019!

Millions of Oregonians depend on clean and abundant water for their livelihood, hobbies and health. Countless species of fish and wildlife need clean water to survive. On World Water Day, March 22 2019, Oregonians are committing to preserve the health of our rivers, lakes and drinking water for today and future generations.

We are all part of Oregon’s water future. How will you shape it?

In 2018, Oregon Environmental Council partnered with Environment Oregon to launch the first statewide Oregon World Water Day campaign. The campaign successfully aligned policymakers, water advocates, municipalities and business leaders toward a common goal and message: We are all part of Oregon’s water future. As we face a pivotal moment for water in the West, this nonpartisan public awareness and engagement campaign aims to elevate the conversation around water statewide.

As we get ready to launch the 2019 campaign, there are several ways that you can get involved early:

Sign on as an outreach partner

Engage your community to be champions for clean water! Share your water stories throughout the month of March and connect your work to the campaign using the hashtags #mywaterwhy and #worldwaterday.

Plan ahead to highlight World Water Day in your newsletters, on your website or blog, and social media channels. In its first year, the campaign reached nearly 150,000 impressions on social media thanks to outreach partners across the state! Sign up today to get updates and the 2019 toolkit when it launches soon. Check out the 2018 toolkit here.

Host an event or volunteer day

Kick it up a notch by hosting a local World Water Day happy hour, project tour or volunteer day during March. Leverage the campaign to connect your community to tangible ways they can support water awareness and stewardship in their backyard and across the state. We’ll promote public events online and through our network of outreach partners.

Write an op-ed for your newspaper

Help us reach new audiences by working with local news outlets to place timely stories, op-eds and letters to the editor elevating the conversation around water during the month of March. These stories can then be shared through our network of outreach partners to extend their reach and lift up diverse community perspectives on the urgency to preserve this precious resource.

Support water awareness as a sponsor

Your sponsorship of the Oregon World Water Day campaign will help us engage people across the state in sharing what water means to their daily lives, building momentum for water protections critical to a sustainable economy and healthy communities. Sponsors will be recognized in campaign emails, posters and at oregonworldwaterday.org. Contact kevink[at]oeconline.org for sponsorship levels and benefits.

To get involved, contact:
Stacey Dalgaard, Water Outreach Director
Oregon Environmental Council
staceyd[at]oeconline.org / 503.222.1963 x112


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