Oregon deserves #CleanerCars because #PollutionStinks


It’s time for you to speak up for #CleanerCars to #StopEPARollbacks.

Federal rollbacks are reversing decades of good work to hold automakers accountable.

The Trump Administration and the acting leadership at the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration intend to roll back policies designed to make new cars and light trucks cleaner and more affordable. The federal agencies officially announced their rollbacks recently, and we have 60 days for public comment.

We need your help. Please join our national coalition partners and speak up. Let officials know their action harms us all.

Reversing the clean car standards will expose millions of Americans to more climate-changing and other dangerous air pollution. The reversal would hold back the most advanced and fuel-efficient vehicles the American people have ever known—harming our health and costing us money.

Beginning with California, 13 states and the District of Columbia have set pollution standards that best protect their residents under the Clean Air Act. Here in Oregon, we chose to reduce tailpipe pollution more than a decade ago when Oregon Environmental Council, along with thousands of our statewide friends, neighbors, and dozens of businesses and organizations, successfully demanded clean car standards from the state’s Environmental Quality Commission.

#PollutionStinks. Transportation is the largest source of climate pollution, and toxic tailpipe emissions exacerbate many health problems. Twenty-five million Americans—including more than 6 million children—suffer from asthma. Our state accounts for about one in 10 people with the disease. The Trump Administration has no business rolling back safeguards that protect the most vulnerable among us.

Clean cars standards protect family budgets from the gas price rollercoaster, and they especially protect households with the lowest incomes. Gas prices are on their way back up, and families are spending $300 more on gas now than they were a year ago. Rolling back the standards breaks a promise to the American people, making these savings vanish into thin air.

We urge you to contact the EPA. Oregon Environmental Council is working with a coalition of organizations across the country to raise our voice and let federal agency officials know that the health and well-being of people matters.

For more information about the implications of the EPA’s proposed rollback, visit CleanCarStates.org.

Speak up for clean air. Add your voice now.

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