RFP for Strategic Planning Consultant


The Oregon Environmental Council Board is requesting proposals from qualified strategic planning consultants to conduct a far-reaching and inclusive input process to inform a Strategic Plan and guide the organization’s work over the next 3-5 years.

The selected consultant will be responsible for assisting the OEC Board and Executive Director with the full scope of developing a Strategic Plan. OEC is soliciting proposals for these services in accordance with the terms, conditions and instructions set forth in this Request for Proposal.

There is no expressed or implied obligation for OEC to reimburse responding firms for any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to the request or for attending any meetings or conferences related to preparing or presenting proposals.


OEC excels at environmental policy development, advocacy and implementation. Our roots trace back to individuals who recognized a voice for the environment was missing in the state’s capitol. Public policy is critical for tackling systems that harm the environment, our individual and community health, and economic stability. Over fifty years ago, OEC sponsored the first environmental lobbyist in Salem, and through dedicated work, organizing, education, outreach, smart communications and direct advocacy, helped change Oregon’s trajectory. Today, OEC remains one of the only environmental organizations with a full-time legislative director and we are known as an effective and credible organization for putting new policies in place and–equally as important–defending against harmful proposals. We also see policies all the way through to implementation, serving on many state rulemaking and advisory boards. We help Oregonians live their environmental values, educate the public, do on-the-ground projects, are effective spokespeople in the media, build coalitions, and have creative partnerships.

OEC’s strategic issue areas include: Water, Climate, Transportation, and Environmental Health (toxic-free environments). During the last round of strategic planning, OEC added two lenses to our work: We want our work to be transformational and to further equity. Within our program areas, we have supported research (sampling air for diesel pollution, testing people’s blood for toxics), demonstration projects (irrigation modernization and energy efficiency programs with nurseries), education and outreach (50 Ways to Love Your River, Cutting Carb(on) workshops for transportation planners, civic engagement trainings), and passing policies (Toxic Free Kids Act, Clean Fuels, Diesel bill, and more!).

Oregon Environmental Council envisions a future in which every Oregonian has access to the healthy air, water, climate and community we need to thrive. To achieve this vision, we strive for equitable environmental policies and practices that give every Oregonian a fair shot at acting on their environmental values, being a part of decisions that affect them, and living in healthy environments. OEC, is governed by a Board of Directors currently made up of 14 board members and has a $2.8 million budget funded by foundations, individual donors, corporate sponsors and OEC members. OEC has a team of 15 engaged and expert staff, making up the administrative, programmatic, development and communication teams. OEC is located in Portland, Oregon, but is a statewide serving organization with partnerships and relationships throughout the state. We value collaboration (including bridge building between rural and urban parts of the state), coalition building, science/evidence-based decision-making, safeguarding the natural world, and a sustainable economy.


OEC is committed to being an equitable and inclusive organization and strives to incorporate equity throughout all of our work and outcomes. Equity will be incorporated as a core value of our new strategic plan, with diversity and inclusion as critical strategies towards what we do and how we operate. In addition, OEC is committed to dismantling systemic racism and culture divisions that undermines these goals. The selected strategic planning consultant may be asked to coordinate work with OEC’s current equity consultant and on-going equity work in an effort to ensure that OEC’s strategic plan reflects our equity values and goals.


The following information is required for the proposal submission to be considered:

  • Firm name, address, contact name, title, phone number & email address
  • Scope of Work including an outlined approach and strategy to complete the requested Scope of Work
  • Cost estimate for the proposed Scope of Work, and any other project-related costs
  • List of 3 references and examples of similar projects

ELIGIBILITY Consultants should be experienced in working with organizations in the development of a responsive and a long-term strategic plan. In addition, experience working with environmental, policy and/or statewide organizations is preferred. The intent of the Request for Proposal is to garner proposals from qualified strategic planning consultants to work in partnership with the Strategic Planning Committee, the OEC Board, the OEC staff and community stakeholders. The successful proposer will work directly with the Strategic Planning Committee and the Executive Director to ensure all activities in this project are completed.


  • Conduct a pre-meeting with OEC Strategic Planning Committee, OEC Board and Executive Director to clarify expectations and desired outcomes
  • Review relevant documents identified by the Board and Executive Director including current 10- year Strategic Direction Plan, OEC’s Team Charter and OEC’s Values and Beliefs
  • Organize and facilitate meetings to encourage participation and gather insight regarding critical issues and priorities for OEC.
  • Work with the Strategic Planning Committee to ensure that there is thorough board, staff and community engagement
  • Partner with communication team on all related event notifications
  • Provide Strategic Planning Committee with documentation of findings from the public and staff meetings, and preliminary direction for a Strategic Plan.
  • Provide a draft Strategic Plan to staff for feasibility review.
  • Provide a draft Strategic Plan at a Board meeting by no later than December 2021.
  • Attend and present the final report at a OEC Board meeting (March 2022).


Proposals must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. PST on March 5th, 2021. Proposals received later than the date and time specified will not be considered unless previously arranged. OEC assumes no responsibility or liability for late delivery or receipt of responses. In order to be considered eligible for the project, the consultant who would be assigned to the project, must be available in person or by phone/videoconference to respond to questions the week of March 15th, 2021. The project will be awarded and terms finalized on that date or thereafter. Selection of a consultant under this Request for Proposal does not commit OEC to procuring any services pursuant to this Request for Proposal. OEC will negotiate contract terms upon selection.


Cover Letter: Summarize the proposed team and approach. Include the firm name, address, contact person, and all applicable contact information. Qualifications:

  • Describe the background, experience and capabilities of your firm as it relates to the Scope of Work outlined above.
  • Identify the name and title of the primary consultant and any other key team members who will be assigned to this project. For each, provide a summary of qualifications and experience and bio.
  • For each team member, provide the name, telephone number, and email address of at least two references that can attest to the quality and effectiveness of his/her work.

Send Proposals and questions to Diana Nuñez, Executive Director of Oregon Environmental Council, at dianan@oeconline.org by March 5th, 2021.







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