OEC and The Oregon Business Climate Declaration

From the boardrooms of Oregon’s largest employers to the Main Street of every major city in the state, Oregon businesses are calling for state action on climate change.

Under the banner of the Northwest Business for Climate Action Coalition, hundreds of leading Oregon businesses are recognizing a clear and present need for state action to protect our region’s natural assets, its vibrant communities and its growing economy by signing on to the Oregon Business Climate Declaration.

Oregon Environmental Council played a critical role in motivating these businesses to speak out and support action: Last fall, OEC’s Executive Director Andrea Durbin was there to witness Oregon’s Governor join with the Governors of Washington and California and the premier of British Columbia to sign the Pacific Coast Climate Pact, aligning our goals to curb carbon pollution and act on climate change. The team at Oregon Environmental Council worked hard to initiate and shape that process, and OEC invited some Oregon businesses to join regional leaders at that powerful moment. Everyone left that signing energized and ready to pull together the business community to step up and support action across Oregon.

Over the last year Oregon Environmental Council has engaged our state’s business leaders and, together with our partner Climate Solutions, has successfully built this coalition of Oregon business leaders and released the Oregon Business Climate Declaration. This strong declaration of support for state action on climate change has been endorsed by companies from all across the state, including companies like Nike, Adidas, Intel, eBay, Moda Health, Portland Trailblazers and Umpqua Bank, among others.

Read the declaration and the full list of supporters here or browse through some highlights in the Portland Business Journal.

The Northwest is well positioned to show the rest of the world what it looks like to build a clean energy economy. With the support of Oregon’s leading businesses, we can build the broad support across society that we need to make meaningful change, spur economic development, create jobs and speed technological advancement throughout our region.

Join this growing network of business leaders. Sign the Oregon Business Climate Declaration today.

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