No to Fear, No to Measure 105

We believe that environmental values are about care and respect for people and places. That’s why we are so firmly against ballot Measure 105: because intolerance and hostility undermine environmental solutions. We also reject the tactics of Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) to spur environmental fears in order to promote an anti-immigrant agenda.

The group promoting Measure 105, which would remove long-standing protections against racial profiling, is Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR). Despite their tree logo, Oregonians for Immigration Reform is not an environmental group, and has done nothing to keep our air clean and water plentiful. They prey on fears of water scarcity and climate extremes to promote an agenda that has earned the organization status as a hate group.

Using fear to divide Oregonians does not solve any of our problems, as panelists at Portland’s City Club said so powerfully. In fact, Measure 105 harms all Oregonians.  “If one community is at risk, we are all at risk,” said Sheriff Reese of Multnomah County. Measure 105 puts law-abiding immigrants and people of color at risk of being detained and interrogated. If people are not safe to report crime, engage with their communities, or act on environmental values, no one benefits. Read more about Measure 105.

When Oregonians for Immigration Reform uses environmental values to sow hate, they erode our greatest hope for the future: Oregonians coming together to create lasting solutions.

Join Oregon Environmental Council and other environmental groups in Portland for a house party to learn more about No on Measure 105 and what you can do.

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