Member Spotlight: Matthew Scotten

Did you know you may be able to support Oregon Environmental Council through your workplace? Many companies encourage their employees to make charitable gifts and some employers will also match your gift, doubling or even tripling your impact!

We recently connected with one of our long-term members who gives through his workplace, tripling his gift! Matthew Scotten, a lifelong Oregonian, has been a member of Oregon Environmental Council since 2015. He always cared deeply about conservation and protecting our green spaces and wilderness for future generations. When he started looking for an organization to support, OEC was recommended to him by his friends and colleagues. Once he did some research, he found that OEC played a huge role in the 1971 Bottle Bill, and he felt good about supporting a long-standing, well-regarded nonprofit. 

Part of Matthew’s motivation comes from knowing that his son, and all young people, will be impacted by the choices we make about our environment today. He sees how important advocacy is and is trying to lead by example. He is even planning on attending a Legislative Day once his son gets a little bit older and they are able to go down to Salem together. OEC helps him stay up to date, and he especially finds this useful during Legislative Session. He loves the targeted updates, so he knows when his voice is needed most.

Matthew recognizes how easy it is to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the impacts that climate change is having today, and the even greater effects it may have in the future. As a busy, full-time working parent, he finds that giving to OEC allows him to not feel like he is standing on the sideline. He is staying involved, giving what he can, and educating the community around him to keep the momentum and the discussion growing. As he put it, “OEC has a long view, so a little setback won’t keep us down. We break boulders into pebbles”. 


Please consider joining Matthew and asking your employer what matching options are available to you! With members by our side, OEC has worked for more than 50 years to address critical issues like toxic air pollution, water scarcity, and the impacts of climate change. By becoming a member of Oregon Environmental Council, you are helping protect what you love about Oregon: healthy air, clean and plentiful water, and a toxic-free environment. Become a member today!







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