May is Bike Month!

After seemingly endless months of rain, Spring is here! Which means many of Oregon’s streets are now filled with even more bicyclists!

Oregon’s most populated area, the Portland metro region, has the highest rate of commuters biking to work in the nation, which means we are collectively spending less money on transportation, driving fewer miles, and emitting less carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

To top all of that off, May is National Bike Month. At Oregon Environmental Council we are taking the opportunity to celebrate the many benefits of biking! More than half our staff bikes to work regularly, and we encourage others to join us in opting for cleaner, cheaper, more enjoyable modes of transportation.

If you’re new to bike commuting it can seem daunting to make the plunge, but there are plenty of resources to help get you started. Stop by one of Oregon’s many bike shops to get a helmet and bike lights, plan out your route ahead of time, and learn how to fix a flat tire! And let’s be honest, we live in the Pacific Northwest so rain pants might be a worthwhile investment.

Fun fact: Oregon Environmental Council helped pass the Oregon Bike Bill in 1971, which requires that facilities be built for pedestrians and bicyclists whenever a new road or highway is constructed.

Whether you opt to bike to work, ride to the grocery store, or explore the city by pedal, biking is a great way to get exercise, curb your carbon footprint, and avoid paying for parking! I also find that my bike commute is a great time to sort through my thoughts before starting the work day, and to wind down on my ride home.

Join us in participating in the Bike More Challenge, sponsored by our partners at The Street Trust or try out a BikeTown bike for free this month! Also be sure to check out the latest work our team is doing on advancing cleaner transportation for all Oregonians. We’ll see you out there!

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