Oregonians, working together over the last half-century have defined a state, a consciousness and a way of life with landmark legislation that has transformed the health of our communities and helped spark a ripple of change across the nation.

In the late 1960s & early 1970s, three innovative, bipartisan state laws launched Oregon Environmental Council’s decades-long work to protect the water, air and land we all share and love.

Senate Bill 100 (land use planning), the Bike Bill and the Bottle Bill now provide Oregonians with a legacy of vibrant cities, fertile farms and scenic landscapes. As we celebrate 50 years of loving Oregon in 2018, we are proud to recognize these legislative accomplishments with three public art installations.

Each will be created through partnership with artists, NGOs, businesses, public partners and others, will remind Oregonians of our past successes as we look toward the next 50 years. The art will commemorate the heritage that we all enjoy today, while inspiring new creative thinking, collaboration and civic engagement that can make our world a better place to live.

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