Oregon Lawmakers Take Action Against White House Attacks on Environmental Policy

May 15, 2019

PORTLAND, OR – The Environmental Protection Act (HB 2250) has passed the Senate and is headed to the desk of Gov. Kate Brown. HB 2250 ensures that Oregon’s standards for clean air and clean water remain high even as the Trump Administration continues to roll back environmental laws at the federal level.

We are in an unprecedented era where we cannot take environmental protections for granted. Clean air and clean water are the building blocks of a thriving society and strong economy.

These protections are fundamental to environmental and public health. They ensure safe drinking water, clean water for fish and wildlife, clean air, protections against toxic chemicals that harm human health and development, and greenhouse gas reduction.

“The passage of HB 2250–Oregon Environmental Protection Act–means Oregonians can breathe easier knowing our state has a plan in place to protect our communities against the ongoing federal assault on critical clean air and clean water standards,” said Jana Gastellum, Program Director on Climate, Oregon Environmental Council.

HB 2250 maintains a baseline of protection while still enabling Oregon to adopt more protective standards. To counter current federal practices, Oregon must also ensure our efforts protect the most vulnerable amongst us and are based on strong science.

Clean air and clean water matter to all Oregonians, whether urban or rural, rich or poor. Our state’s strength is in how we collaborate and lead the way nationally. The Trump administration’s efforts to undo and rollback environmental laws will not stop us in Oregon.

For over 50 years, Oregon Environmental Council has been at the table collaborating for environmental protections for our state’s air, water and climate.

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2 Replies to "Oregon Lawmakers Take Action Against White House Attacks on Environmental Policy"

  • Marilee
    May 24, 2019 (10:01 pm)

    It is critical that we protect all species, they have essential roles in balance of our ecosystems and the health of our planet. It is also vital that we use clean reusable energy, stop burning dirty fossil fuel, end construction of oil pipelines and discontinue dirty coal transportation by railway. It is our responsibility to stop the polluting and leave our home a healthy planet for All the future generations and not leave them wondering why didn’t we do something.

  • Carmen Rodriquez
    May 25, 2019 (3:07 pm)

    We must have clean Air.

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