Our Work With Businesses

Oregon Environmental Council believes a healthy environment is critical for Oregon’s prosperity and that urban and rural businesses can thrive economically by integrating environmental stewardship into their operations.

Going forward we are promoting policies and economic development strategies that foster a sustainable economy.

  • We are strengthening demand for safer products through our Healthy Purchasing Initiative.
  • Our advocacy for the Clean Fuels Program will diversify and grow our state’s economy by creating jobs in construction, manufacturing and agriculture. Why send money to out-of-state oil companies when we can manufacture clean fuels right here at home?
  • Through educational forums for the business community, Oregon Environmental Council shares information about businesses that are leaders in protecting the environment, emerging sustainable industry clusters, and opportunities to influence public policy.

OEC helps businesses choose more environmentally responsible practices and catalyzes demonstration projects.

  • Because of our collaboration with wineries, one out of every five bottles of Oregon wine is now produced by a winery that has reduced its carbon footprint.
  • Our Climate Friendly Nurseries project helped about one-fifth of Oregon’s nursery industry reduce energy use and carbon emissions reductions by an average of 20%.
  • Our Eco-Healthy Child Care program, now national in scope and led by Children’s Environmental Health Network, helps thousands of child care facilities protect infants’ and toddlers’ health.
  • We worked with cranberry growers on the South Coast to create the Clearwater Cranberries collaborative, rewarding growers in the marketplace for growing cranberries conscientiously.