Join us for an immigrant rights march

Why should the environmental community show up for immigrants’ rights?

A national anti-immigration movement is gaining ground in Oregon, preying on environmental fears and appealing to environmental values to promote an anti-immigrant agenda. OEC is committed to dignity and respect for all Oregonians. We must actively reject environmental rhetoric that suggests otherwise.

Join us in making the environmental community visible in support of immigrant rights because you also believe that:

All Oregonians deserve dignity and respect.

Environmental solutions are rooted in hope, not fear.

We must reject oppression of people in the name of environmental protection.

Stand with OEC staff and emerging leaders under the OEC banner at the state capitol, and wear green to show that our community—and our environmental values—are aligned in solidarity with immigrants’ rights.



United for Immigrant Rights

Saturday, January 14, 2017

11:30 a.m.

Oregon State Capitol


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