Is your septic tank leaking? We’ve got a bill for that!

OEC is celebrating Governor Brown’s signing of SB 1563 this week for the benefit of Oregon’s rivers, streams and coastal waters. This bill, sponsored by Senator Roblan, helps low- and middle-income families confront leaking or failing septic systems. It creates a low-interest loan program, to be administered by DEQ, for “repairing, upgrading or evaluating residential or small business on-site septic systems.”

Properly functioning septic systems treat sewage to minimize groundwater and surface water pollution–important for drinking water, healthy coasts, and healthy fish and shellfish. Septic systems which fail or malfunction can pollute Oregon’s land and waterways with raw sewage and create public health hazards.

This cross-cutting, innovative approach exemplifies the type of policy solutions we seek here at OEC. We are excited to have supported this bill, and we look forward to working with our members to continue being champions of clean water policy for Oregon.

To support our efforts to protect Oregon’s clean air, clear water, and healthy climate, consider joining OEC as a supporting member today!


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Let’s Avoid Septic Shock

Rotten. Rancid. Infected. Putrid. Puss-filled. That’s what septic means. So it stands to reason that if septic systems designed to safely contain bacteria-laced waste begin to leak and leach, it poses serious health and environmental problems for all of us. Starkly stated, no one wants to run the risk of our land and water going septic. That’s why Oregon Environmental Council strongly supports Senator Arnie Roblan’s decision to reintroduce legislation to reduce these risks. His 2016 bi
February 1, 2016, 6:06 pm


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