How will you shape our water future?

“We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world–the Pacific Northwest. We are even more fortunate to have access to clean water. We sometimes forget how privileged we are to have this access. We owe it to the plants and animals that also rely on clean water. It is our duty to this planet to take care of our watersheds.”
-Ben Calkins, Owner, Happy Mountain Kombucha

Millions of Oregonians depend on clean and abundant water for their livelihood, hobbies and health, as do countless species of fish and wildlife that need clean water for habitat and life.

In some parts of the state and certain job sectors, water is an ever-present part of daily life. In other communities, people rarely think about how water gets to their tap. But we all have a stake in protecting this precious resource.

For World Water Day on March 22, Oregon Environmental Council and Environment Oregon are leading a campaign to rally Oregonians around our shared interests in preserving clean water – for today and future generations.

We are facing a pivotal moment for water in the West, and Oregon is not immune to the challenges facing other states. Warming water temperatures, polluted runoff and drought are putting our rivers, wildlife and drinking water sources at risk. In parts of the state, wells are going dry and groundwater is too contaminated to drink.

Oregon Environmental Council is working with state agencies and partner organizations to build support for investing in sustainable solutions to these issues. And it will take commitment from Oregonians across the state to preserve the ways of life we depend on.

Today, you can build that momentum by joining Oregon’s World Water Day campaign – share why you are committed to Oregon’s water future!

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See what other people are saying:

Why are you committed to Oregon’s water future?

“Beautiful views on my bike ride to work and a place to swim in the summer!” –Liz, Eugene

“Less pollution and human impacts on our natural waterways.” –Kaileigh Westermann-Lewis, Salem

“Health” –Frances, Central Point

“From the ocean beaches to the rivers, to the mountain and desert lakes, water is one of the things that makes Oregon a special place to live. It’s important to have a healthy water system that supports Oregonians now and in the future.” –Marcia Malstrom, Joseph

“It means clean drinking water for my daughter!” –Devon, Forest Grove

Visit to add your voice to the map today!





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