Groundbreaking Bracelet Tests Toxics in Our Daily Life

“Do you know what chemicals you’re exposed to on a daily basis? Pollutants we encounter every day come from any number of sources – cars, factories, shampoos, lotions, carpets and more. Some chemicals are benign but others could be hazardous to your health…” So begins an article about the toxics around us.

This week, KGW Investigates examines a new bracelet that can measure the toxics that we’re exposed to in our daily life. Reporter Keely Chalmers and OEC Emerging Leaders Board Member Bethany Thomas are wearing these revolutionary bracelets developed by OSU to examine what chemicals they are exposed to in their everyday life.

KGW Special Report

“The MyExposome bracelet looks and feels just like any other silicone bracelet. It’s comfortable and innocuous,” says Thomas. “But even though I tend to forget I have it on, it is tracking chemicals the I come into contact with throughout the day. I’m very curious to see what the Environmental Defense Fund finds when they analyze the bracelet. Honestly, I expect that there will be many chemicals identified, which is rather frightening. When it comes to chemicals in our environment, and the effect of chemicals on human health, we need more data. I’m hopeful that information gathered from my bracelet, when viewed with data from the other bracelet-wearers, will help make the case for stronger regulations.”

Senator Jeff Merkley has deep concerns about the lack of a strong chemicals policy. He says, “Every single day, we are using all kinds of consumer products that have toxic chemicals embedded in them. There are some 80,000 different chemicals, new ones being introduced without ever being tested.”

If you want to support the kind of legislation that protects Oregonians from toxic chemicals, take action on the Toxic Free Kids Act now!

For more information on the bracelet, see the KGW story here.

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