From Paris, France to Prineville, OR: Collaboration Matters

This weekend, nearly all the nations in the world agreed to actions to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change. We in Oregon believe we should do our fair share to reduce emissions.

That’s why we’ve had an historic agreement to work with neighboring states to amp up our clean energy economy, create a clean fuels corridor, and limit and price climate pollution. We want Oregon to be the early bird that catches the worm–acting quickly helps us set the curve and reap enormous benefits–cleaner air, more economic opportunities for Oregon workers and businesses, and a stable climate for our natural resource-based state.

We’ve worked with businesses who want to protect supply chains from climate disruption and preserve quality of life in the Pacific Northwest. We’re working with community partners–faith organizations, communities of color, workers, and civic organizations–to create a vision for a just transition away from pollution and towards clean energy prosperity. And we’re working with individual Oregonians to lift up our collective voices to let decision-makers know we want meaningful actions that will reduce pollution, create cleaner air, and a better future for all our kids.

The Paris Agreement is a critical step in the fight against climate disruption. But for real impact on the ground, cities and states have to be change makers. Working together, we believe Oregon can lead.

Want to know more about what you can do about climate change? Check out this great New York Times article. 

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