How Filthy Are Your Funds?

If we are lucky, we have the chance to build a secure future for ourselves and our families through retirement investments. But what are our retirement investments doing for our future?

Until now, it has been nearly impossible to know whether your mutual fund investments were working with you to secure a better future, or working against you by directing your funds to corporations that are producing coal, oil and gas.

Now you have the opportunity to check your funds for fossil fuels:


Using a new database from ENSOGO Analytics, the only financial tool that analyzes and rates mutual funds on Environmental, Social, and Governance attributes, this new tool calculates how much of over 2500 funds are invested in coal, oil and gas production. If your funds are working to look for it, drill it, mine for it, refine it or service it, this tool can help you know your level of exposure.

Make your own decisions about how much you want to be exposed to volatile fossil fuels interests, or use this tool to start a conversation with your investment advisor using what you learn.

OEC has worked with ENSOGO over the last year to divest our endowment funds from fossil fuels and invest them in line with our values: clean air, clean water and a healthy future for generations to come. Our experience has shown us that our money can work for our values while achieving a responsible rate of return.

Now we provide you with the opportunity to do the same. Check on your funds. Talk to your investment advisor. And make your money work for the future of our planet and the future of your family.

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