Feeling renewed

by Jana Gastellum
January, 2016

In September, we welcomed our second child into the world. She was born at home with the assistance of skilled midwives. There are a lot of good ways to birth a child, but I loved having the choice to have her at home. Everything that was disposable fit into a box smaller than the size of a microwave. It’s the Oregon way to provide sustainable options, and I don’t take those choices for granted.

I come back to my job feeling renewed.

First, OEC was wonderful in providing family leave. I know my daughter has gotten a good start to the first 1000 days of her life.

Secondly, I have amazing co-workers to welcome me back. I am so grateful for their work to protect kids from toxics last year.

Third, it’s a special time for climate work. Just two months ago, the world came together in Paris to commit to coordinated action to combat climate change. Here in Oregon, during the same time period, a landmark agreement was negotiated to take coal out of our grid, double our commitment to renewables, create a community solar program with benefits for low-income Oregonians, and knock down barriers to electric vehicle recharging infrastructure. And now we’re heading into legislative session with a plan to develop an over-arching limit to climate pollution.

I start 2016 with two healthy kids and tremendous opportunities to make climate progress. I’ve never been so happy to be so busy.

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