February Member Spotlight – Karen and Bob Williams

In the 90s, Karen and Bob Williams made their way back to Oregon. As avid bike commuters, they settled down in a neighborhood that was denser, had accessible public transit, and a bike friendly culture. They were very conscious of climate change and were looking for ways they could support organizations doing bigger picture environmental thinking with a focus on long-term sustainability. This led them to become members of Oregon Environmental Council 17 years ago.

When they aren’t paddle boarding in the Gorge or hiking along the Coast, Karen and Bob are hydrogeologists. They are particularly interested in OEC’s work on water policy and intimately understand the importance of protecting watersheds, wildlife, and fish. They appreciate how OEC’s water policy work recognizes the complexities and challenges that watershed management faces. It’s a long-term effort that OEC doesn’t give up on. 

Karen and Bob encourage others to become members of OEC to support the Oregon we all share: “It’s a great organization that brings people together from diverse areas with different perspectives to address complex issues. OEC is a good bang for the buck for those who want to give to an organization that gets a lot of traction and has influence. It’s an organization that has been around for 50+ years, which itself speaks to the fact that it is a well-managed organization with good consistent leadership. OEC is highly respected in the community and partners with other effective organizations. OEC provides a range of opportunities for you to engage in environmental protection and contribute your time, talents or donations.”

Please consider joining Karen and Bob Williams in standing strong for Oregon’s environment. With members by our side, OEC  has worked for more than 50 years to address critical issues like toxic air pollution, water scarcity, and the impacts of climate change. By becoming a member of Oregon Environmental Council, you are helping protect what you love about Oregon: healthy air, clean and plentiful water, and a toxic-free environment. Become a member today!

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