Seeking: Young Professionals for an Emerging Leaders Board

Emerging Leaders Board Opportunity

The Emerging Leaders Board (ELB) exists with the goal of empowering and engaging the next generation of environmental leaders in Oregon. This is a statewide ambassador board opportunity with a focus on outreach, education, and advocacy to engage the young professional leaders of today. 


Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) champions equitable, innovative, and collaborative solutions to Oregon’s environmental challenges for today and future generations.

OEC envisions a future in which every person in Oregon flourishes in a healthy environment regardless of their geographic location, race, or social and economic status. Public policy ensures a livable climate; clean air, water, and land; consumer products are free of toxic chemicals; a thriving economy powered by efficient and renewable energy; and access to safe, clean, and convenient transportation options for everyone. 

Oregon’s people, along with our businesses, governments, and non-profit institutions, are recognized globally for their contributions to the realization of a thriving, equitable, and sustainable modern society.  


  • ELB members are a team of ~21-35 year olds who share the mission and values of OEC, have a strong interest in environmental protection, and are ready to take the next step in their professional leadership.
  • You have experience or feel passionately about: environmental progress (water, climate, toxics, transportation, etc.), advocacy/organizing, policy and law, media and public relations, political strategy, the natural sciences, public health, financial management and investment, fundraising, social justice, sustainable business, organizational development and management, or education.
  • You like to work collaboratively with others to plan and execute creative events and projects, showing respect for differing viewpoints and life-experiences.
  • You have an interest in serving on a non-profit board in the future, and want to build your network and gain hands-on experience with a non-profit board’s work, including, organizational structure, fundraising, events, and programs.


  • The ELB will plan and execute two to three events and/or projects per year with a focus on outreach, education, and advocacy. These events are creative, fun, and advance the mission of OEC. Past events and projects have included:
    • Creation and launch of a carbon-neutral beer with a local brewery
    • Annual ‘Get Dirty for Clean Air’ dance party and silent auction to raise funds for climate action
    • Creation and administration of Advocacy 101 training
    • EV wine tour with creation of photo blog
    • Friendraiser and OEC educational events at local breweries
  • ELB members will attend monthly (virtual) board meetings from September to May to plan and execute the ELB projects and events, learn from OEC staff about our high priority programmatic work that is pushing our mission forward, and network with OEC staff, partners, and other ELB members. The meetings will generally be during lunch or in the evening, depending on the ELB members’ availability.  
  • ELB members get to attend at least one in-person meeting and training per year and will be encouraged to meet in-person with other ELB members in their areas. These meetings will allow for ELB members to bond as a team, network and brainstorm the future of environmental leadership and OEC progress. Expenses will be covered by OEC. ELB members are encouraged to attend in person gatherings with other members in their region, serving as an ambassador for OEC. 
  • We estimate that the responsibilities of ELB membership typically require an average of 5-10 hours per month.


  • ELB members will regularly be informed by OEC staff about the programmatic work that is pushing our mission forward and look for ELB involvement. ELB members will be informed about high priority campaigns and invited to conversations about  our most impactful programmatic work.
  • OEC staff will support ELB events by providing appropriate guidance, background materials, and attendance when possible.
  • OEC staff will provide ELB members with mentorship and guidance in the hopes of empowering the next generation of environmental leaders.


Emerging leaders will get to know OEC staff, our mission and program areas (climate, water, toxic-free environments and transportation), and how we do our work. ELB members will also gain networks with their fellow ELB members, OEC board members, and OEC partners. Mainly, participating in the ELB is a chance to expand leadership skills, work alongside fellow advocates and professionals, and have fun while doing it! There will be ample opportunities for creative projects, lots of fun and camaraderie. 

In addition, members will gain:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Professional and skill development
  • Networking, both internally and externally
  • Relationship building skills
  • Event planning experience
  • Project management experience
  • Tickets to OEC events


A member of the board will serve a term of 18-months and can be eligible for renewal. 

New board members are selected through an interview process with a panel of OEC staff and ELB members. OEC staff retains discretion for recruitment and selection based on its judgment of OEC’s needs.

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Building advocacy with our Emerging Leaders

Guest blog by Kellen Klein, Emerging Leaders Board Member
January 17, 2018, 6:30 pm



Oregon Environmental Council is seeking the right candidates to join our Emerging Leaders Board for the Portland Metro Area. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of one of Oregon’s leading environmental non-profits. As a member of the OEC Emerging Leaders Board you will be able to promote and support the mission of OEC to advance innovative, collaborative solutions to Oregon’s environmental challenges for to
July 6, 2016, 5:14 pm



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