Electric cars get the spotlight with Drive Electric Week


The time for learning about electric cars has never been better.

National Drive Electric Week starts Saturday and fans of electric cars throughout the state are holding events offering test drives and camaraderie for folks who are curious or desire electrified transportation. The events coincide with vast amounts of Oregon-specific information that’s online to help consumer learn more before buying their next car.

Why electric cars instead of gas-powered cars? Simply, cars and other vehicles emit nearly 40% of the pollution that’s changing our climate and spew harmful air toxics. #PollutionStinks and it makes asthma worse, our summers hotter and our winters shorter.

Earlier this year, Oregon Environmental Council launched our case for buying electric cars — also known as electric vehicles or EVs — that includes interactive data, a video and a map to show you where you might charge up in your local neighborhood.

Want to compare fuel savings of electricity over fossil fuel? There’s a website for that. Actually a few sites in Oregon, thanks to EV supporters in Ashland, Clatskanie and Lane County, who have published interactive websites, created by ChooseEV, to help their customers. The Eugene People’s Utility District has also posted a comparison of carbon-dioxide emissions between vehicles.

Want to learn about available financial resources to help you buy? The state launched Go Electric Oregon this summer, a website filled with regional news and information about rebates and tax credits. Side note: KGW interviewed Jana Gastellum last week, OEC’s Climate Program director, about the rebates. Check it out.

Want to know which electric car best suits your daily commute in Oregon? There’s a site for that too, thanks to Forth, which also operates a year-round showroom.

But we digress, here’s a list of this week’s statewide events (and one in the ‘Couve for those in the Portland metro area). Click on the city or location for more information.

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