Retire dirty diesel

It’s time to ditch dirty diesel in Oregon. 

  • Diesel exhaust takes a $3.5 billion-dollar toll on the health and productivity of Oregonians each year.
  • About 90 percent of Oregonians live in counties where diesel exhaust increases risk of cancer over a lifetime.
  • In some neighborhoods, average diesel pollution levels exceed state health benchmarks by tenfold or more.
  • Oregon’s old, dirty diesel trucks and construction equipment are running beyond their predicted life, even as neighboring states invest more in retiring old engines.

The solution:

  • Oregon could dramatically reduce toxic diesel pollution by phasing in standards for trucks and construction equipment.
  • New diesel and other heavy-duty engines can run as much as 95 percent cleaner.
  • A multi-million dollar settlement with Volkswagen could jumpstart Oregon’s investment in cleaner engine technology.