Congrats to Multnomah County! OEC Healthy Purchasing Champion 2016

We’re pleased to announce that Multnomah County is the recipient of OEC’s first annual “Healthy Purchasing Champion” award for 2016. The County has demonstrated excellence and leadership in the pursuit of safer products through public procurement. While a number of local governments completed an impressive scope of work in the arena of purchasing safer products over the last year, Multnomah County rose above in their level of implementation.

Oregon Environmental Council works directly with a group of local governments and higher education institutions through our Healthy Purchasing Coalition. The purpose of the Coalition is to protect human health and move the market towards safer chemicals and products. Learn more about the Coalition here.

Working together, we make sure that public purchasing dollars go towards goods and services that avoid toxic chemicals scientifically linked to health impacts. Considering health and promoting innovation through our purchasing decisions is one way we’re making sure that we’re getting the best overall value for our money.

Thanks for all your hard work, Multnomah County!

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