OEC and Partners Voice Concern About Draft Toxic Toys Regs

As the state agency process to develop regulations for Oregon’s Toxic Free Kids Act continues, Oregon Environmental Council and our partners are voicing concern over the most recent round of draft rules.

The rules in question deal with a loophole in the law that could allow manufacturers a waiver from regulations requiring removal of toxic chemicals from kids’ products. Under the law, Oregon Health Authority must grant these waivers if a manufacturer can demonstrate that kids won’t be exposed to toxic chemicals in products.

Our primary concern with the draft rules is that the agency’s proposal for exposure waivers goes beyond what is allowed in Oregon statute. The agency also appears to be proposing a process for establishing important regulatory health levels in a way that is less scientifically credible than similar processes used by other agencies.

OEC and our allies will continue to advocate for protective, practical, and scientifically sound rules. The goal of the law is to protect our children’s health from impacts associated with toxic chemicals in products. We won’t rest until that goal is achieved. 

You can help: sign our petition for strong rules here.

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