Coming Soon: A Coal-free Oregon

You may have already seen the headline:

Utilities, environmentalists strike huge deal to eliminate use of coal in Oregon, boost renewable energy

This history-making legislative proposal, to be considered in February 2016, would make Oregon one of the cleanest energy states with 80% clean renewable energy by 2040. We’ll be one of the first states to get coal out of our electricity mix. See a fact sheet on the clean electricity and coal transition plan here.

Negotiating the deal with Oregon’s major utilities also proves that, when we work together, Oregonians have the will and the power to create a safe, clean, healthy future.

You’ll read in the press that it was “environmental groups” at the table with Oregon’s two largest utilities hashing out this legislative package.

It’s true: Oregon Environmental Council and our partners spent the last weeks of 2015 in intense negotiations with utilities.

But it’s not the whole story.

It was our partnership with a strong and growing coalition for action on clean energy and climate, Renew Oregon, that brought utilities to the negotiating table.

OEC is one of the founding members of Renew Oregon. But the coalition broadly represents business, health, labor, communities of color and faith leaders, all united in a common goal: to build a clean and just energy economy here in Oregon. Oregon’s utilities can sense the power of these voices united, and they don’t want a ballot fight.

So with this agreement in hand, we’re going to the legislature in February. OEC will advocate for this new bill, as well as other priorities, including capping and pricing pollution and defending Oregon’s clean air standard. We’ll be there—and we’ll need united voices and support from our members like you to ensure that it passes.

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3 Replies to "Coming Soon: A Coal-free Oregon"

  • Vernon Huffer
    February 1, 2016 (9:13 pm)

    Last week plans to build a natural gas powered generating plant in Troutdale were cancelled due to NIMBY opposition. Is this not bad and what can we do to stop this from happening?

    • admin
      February 3, 2016 (5:35 am)

      OEC doesn’t have the capacity to engage in individual project siting processes. What we do focus on is public policy that guides climate-smart, clean energy development. This year we’re supporting two bills that would limit climate pollution and double Oregon’s commitment to price-stable renewable energy. We hope you’ll join us in supporting these policies.

  • President stops development of coal leases | Oregon Environmental Council
    January 17, 2019 (6:52 pm)

    […] get serious about renewable energy. This upcoming legislative session OEC will be working to pass the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Bill. It will lead Oregon to a coal-free energy-mix and double our commitment to renewable […]

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