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  • A sign about NW Natural at the Youth Climate March in 2022 for a Fossil Free Future
    July 12, 2022

    No time to burn: let’s keep the future of gas short in Oregon 

    By: Nora Apter, the Climate Program Director for Oregon Environmental Council. Greer Ryan, Oregon Clean Buildings Policy Manager with Climate Solutions. When it comes to global warming pollution, we’ve heard a lot about the ...more
  • Worker building a house outside
    May 18, 2022

    Building for a Better Future

    Right now, there is an important conversation happening in Oregon, and around the country, about buildings. The buildings in which we live and work are a critical piece of the climate puzzle. They are both vital to reducing climate change ...more
  • May 5, 2022

    Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program: Building on past successes to maximize climate, health and economic benefits in Oregon

    From the Climate Protection Program to the Clean Truck Rules, Oregon has made significant progress in recent months to tackle climate emissions from our top polluting sector: transportation. Yet, even with these important policy achieve...more
  • April 8, 2022

    Moving the Decimal Point on the Price of Gas

    When I was learning how to drive, back in the middle of the 1973 Arab oil embargo, with long lines and gas rationed on “odd/even” days, everyone was completely shocked when the price of gas rose from 39 cents to 53 cents.  Today, gas ...more
  • vegetables in a display
    April 4, 2022

    Life hack: save money and the planet at the same time

    If you've lived in Oregon for the last couple years, you are well aware of the urgent threat climate change poses to our communities, public health, and way of life. We have all seen and experienced first hand the devastating and deadly ...more
  • March 16, 2022

    Unlocking the Power of the Grid

    Last July, OEC worked with our allies to persuade the Oregon Legislature to adopt 100% Clean Energy for All, which will transition Oregon’s electricity supply away from fossil fuels no later than 2040, among the fastest such transitions ...more
  • March 16, 2022

    Reflections on the Recent IPCC Reports

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released two reports in the past eight months, both with dire warnings about the future of our planet and the need for immediate global action. If you are a concerned citizen who ...more
  • March 11, 2022

    Oregon Climate Action Plan Turns Two!

    Two years ago, Governor Kate Brown made history when she signed the Oregon Climate Action Plan (OCAP), executive order 20-04. It’s the largest executive action on climate in Oregon history, and arguably the biggest single climate ...more
  • 2022 Legislative Session Banner
    March 9, 2022

    2022 Oregon legislative victories!

    With a flurry of action in just five short weeks, the 2022 Legislative Session concluded on March 4th. This year’s session started with extreme uncertainty as a result of major changes in leadership and a new COVID variant. It also ...more
  • February 17, 2022

    2022 Oregon Legislature: Mid-Session Update

    The 2022 Legislative Session is well underway. OEC staff have jumped in with both feet, analyzing bills and recommending improvements, writing and delivering strong testimony, organizing partnered groups, and defending against harmful ...more
  • December 16, 2021

    CLIMATE VICTORY! Oregon Climate Protection Program sets the path for a healthy climate future

    Oregon just took one of its biggest steps ever toward reducing climate pollution and delivering a stable climate for the future. Oregon just took one of its biggest steps ever toward reducing climate pollution and delivering a stable ...more
  • December 14, 2021

    Heat Pumps: They Heat. They Cool. They burn no fossil fuel.

    Heat Pumps are a relatively new way to heat and cool indoor spaces. There’s a variety of different models that can work for apartments, offices, and for single-family homes. Three of our staff sat down for a conversation about the ...more
  • November 8, 2021

    Top Ten Achievements of 2020-2021

    Oregon Environmental Council works year-round to protect Oregon's water, air, land, and communities. This year was a special one. We made Oregon a better place through our participation in state-wide coalitions, tireless bird-dogging of ...more
  • August 31, 2021

    Strengthening Oregon's Climate Protection Program

    The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is getting closer to finalizing rules for a new Climate Protection Program. Over the past year, DEQ has made a number of positive changes to strengthen the rules; however, a few key ...more
  • August 27, 2021

    Building Back Better with a Strong Reconciliation Package

    OEC and nearly 50 other state-based partners call on congressional leaders to build back better through bold investments in climate, jobs, and justice. August 26, 2021  RE: Please help Oregon build back better by supporting an ...more


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