Cleaner air and winter warmth

Yes, it’s true: Oregon’s air isn’t always that great.

Stagnant air made particle pollution so bad in Eugene-Springfield in December that they issued a temporary ban on wood burning for the first time since 2015. Multnomah County just created the same authority to issue a ban when public health is in danger.

But what about your own wood-burning stove, fireplace or fire pit? Wood burning may be a household’s only source of heat, or may be something to simply enjoy. Either way, there’s just no denying that there’s a health price to pay for that wood fire, for you and your neighbors, even on a good air day. If you can switch to a heat source that’s cleaner than wood, several options can improve your health and our air quality. If that’s not an option, you can cut down on pollution by choosing the cleanest wood, burning it the cleanest way, in the cleanest appliance.

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PS: When it comes to keeping air healthy, everyone with a tailpipe, smokestack or chimney has a role to play. You can act as a community member to make sure everyone is doing their part.


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