Clean Energy Jobs remains strong for 2019: an interactive roundup

Oregon’s desire for a cap-and-invest program has never been stronger and that strength will continue to grow until lawmakers finally pass this bill in 2019.

Senate and House leadership, along with the Governor’s Office, have committed to passing the Clean Energy Job bill next year during the longer session. While the 15,500 Oregonians who signed petitions urging adoption this session never saw the bill reach a floor vote, President Peter Courtney and Speaker Tina Kotek have announced the creation of a Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction that they will co-chair and Gov. Kate Brown has created a new Carbon Policy Office to oversee the process. The announcements signals that Oregon leadership is dedicated to putting in place a cap-and-invest program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

OEC Climate Program Director Jana Gastellum reviews the Clean Energy Jobs bill with an Oregonian during a Citizen Engagement Day on Feb. 12, 2018 in Salem.

Further, the Carbon Policy Office will conduct several studies to help lawmakers better understand the program as we head into the next session. Overall, this is the strongest level of commitment that we’ve seen on capping climate pollution since the goals passed a decade ago.

After working hard for many years to pass a cap-and-invest program, Oregon Environmental Council is proud to see the widespread and diverse support for climate action. We’re inspired to see so many people investing in a clean energy economy by urging the adoption of the Clean Energy Jobs bill. We plan to continue this hard work and ensure that our lawmakers hear what the majority of Oregonians want from across the state: for Oregon to step up and act on climate when our federal government has failed us. We fully expect the 2019 Legislature to get the job done.

Every year we don’t act on climate, Oregon is bearing the costs of climate impacts and forgoing the benefits of investing in a clean energy economy.

Check out the interactive timeline below. Scroll and click over words, counties and images to find more information about the amazing activity that took place during the 2018 session.


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3 Replies to "Clean Energy Jobs remains strong for 2019: an interactive roundup"

  • Ruth Harshfield
    March 5, 2018 (10:17 pm)

    This legislation needs to be passed! I’m sorry it didn’t get a vote this session so as a voter I would want to know who did or did not support it. Hopefully it won’t follow the experience we have seen at the federal level for common sense gun control and a Clean Dream Act.

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