Clean Energy Jobs for Oregon needs your help!

Oregon must lead on climate – now more than ever. Our state has the opportunity to achieve a major climate victory by passing Senate Bill 557, the Clean Energy Jobs bill.

SB 557 would:

  • Cap: pollution
  • Price: greenhouse gas emissions under the cap
  • Invest: in Oregon’s clean energy economy and local communities, adding more than $700 million/year.

On Wednesday, April 12, Oregon Senate Committee On Environment and Natural Resources will decide whether this bill moves forward.

Your voice is needed NOW to urge our lawmakers to act on climate. They need to hear that you care about Clean Energy Jobs and are counting on them to act.

Over 200 Oregonians have acted thanks to our environmental partners at Renew Oregon.

Check it out for yourself!

Call your senator. Urge them to support SB 557! Your action NOW could make for a cleaner, brighter future for Oregon. 

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