Clean Energy Jobs bill gains buzz

People packed Hearing room F inside the Oregon State Capitol on Sept. 18 as a joint House and Senate committee began what we’re expecting to be next year’s key legislative proposal: Clean Energy Jobs.

Legislative staff listen to a presentation about Clean Energy Jobs on Sept. 20, 2017.

A handful of people stood along the walls of the hearing room as they listened to Sen. Michael Dembrow and Rep. Ken Helm describe how lawmakers plan to move forward with the bill that’s more than 10 years in the making. Gov. Kate Brown has already given statements of support and expressed a desire for its passage in 2018.

Oregonians are interested. Our leaders are discussing. Our climate future remains hopeful.

Oregon Public Broadcasting is on the issue. Newspapers across the state have printed some ink about the bill as the proposal continues to catch buzz with a wide coalition of advocates from the business community, labor unions and rural advocates to health professionals, communities of color and people of faith, as well as Oregonians who care about the environment and clean air.

Oregon must act now to lead the transition to clean energy and reap the rewards of tackling climate change. Together with our west coast partners, and countries around the world, we can protect the future for our children.

Click here to learn more about the bill.


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