A Clean Cars Win!

Today, Oregon took a momentous step to reduce air pollution and help us meet our state’s transportation emission reduction goals by passing the Advanced Clean Cars II Rule (ACCII). These rules will help us in our transition to 100% zero-emission passenger vehicles by 2035!

The Advanced Clean Cars II Rule will reduce tailpipe emissions, one of the biggest sources of climate pollution in Oregon, from new passenger vehicles like cars, personal trucks, and SUVs, starting with the 2026 model year through 2035. This rule strengthens Oregon’s vehicle emission standards (learn more about the details here) for all new light-duty cars sold so that by 2035, 100% of new cars sold must be zero-emission vehicles. 

By adopting the ACCII rules, Oregon joins Washington and California, in committing to an electric transportation future. Not only do electric vehicles (EVs) reduce tailpipe emissions which have serious health impacts, especially for communities of color and people living on low-incomes who disproportionately live close to highways, they also relieve us from the impacts of global gas price swings, like the ones we have seen this year. 

Oregon is already preparing for a clean car future. We have one of the strongest EV Rebate programs in the country. These benefits can be combined with federal tax credits as well, meaning that qualified Oregonians will soon be able to take advantage of up to $15,000 off the cost of an EV at time of purchase. The Oregon Department of Transportation has committed $100 million to invest in public charging infrastructure over the next five years along major roads and in Oregon’s communities, with $36 million going to close EV infrastructure gaps in rural and urban areas, underserved communities, and at apartment complexes.

Oregon Environmental Council and the Clean Cars Oregon Coalition are excited to celebrate this commitment and huge step toward a clean transportation future.

Charging modern electric cars from station outdoors

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