Chris Hagerbaumer

A steadfast force, Chris Hagerbaumer has been pushing for solutions that create a cleaner, more livable Oregon for more than 22 years. She joined the staff of Oregon Environmental Council back in 1996, as the Transportation Program Director. Since 2006, she led many crucial policy and strategic planning efforts as Deputy Director

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve known intrinsically that if we don’t treat our environment right, we end up harming our own health and wellbeing. Oregon Environmental Council’s approach matches mine: think holistically, be collaborative, and shoot for the moon”.

Chris sees that transformative solutions set Oregon Environmental Council apart from other organizations. Among many efforts she has worked on over the decades, Chris is particularly proud of her work on clean transportation because it touches so many lives. For example, she helped Oregon achieve a significant and dedicated source of funding for public transit as part of the Keep Oregon Moving package, which was adopted by the Oregon legislature in 2017.

Chris believes in developing policy decisions that are based on sound science, and doing what’s right for people who are most vulnerable. Oregon has managed topreserve wild and scenic places due to forward-thinking policies as the 1967 Beach Bill and land use planning. But, she says, we have more work to do on issues such as climate protection and widespread chemicals in our environment.

“Our current economic and political system externalizes pollution; we need transformative change that puts people’s health and wellbeing first…Oregon Environmental Council has a big role to play in this movement”.

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