Char Corkran

Char has been a part of our story for nearly five decades. Starting first as a young mother in the early 1970s, volunteering many times with her son by her side, and advocating for a balanced approach to environmental policies. Now as a grandmother, Char actively supports our work to sustain a healthy state for the next generation. (Courtesy: Char Corkran, ca. 1974)

Char Corkran, Oregon Environmental Council member since the 1970s, was always among the first to roll up her sleeves. Her method of working with stakeholders across the aisle when developing OEC testimony helped establish our reputation as a well-reasoned, science-based policy organization. During her tenure, Char worked with individuals and representatives across the political spectrum to advance environmental policies that both sides could agree on, specifically issues related to forestry and wildlife.

“That was the way it was,” Char laughed as she recalled OEC’s early volunteer spirit at the office. “Everyone pitching in. The issues were important enough that people just did whatever needed to be done.”

Char remembers the ways that members got involved back then, similar to the ways they do today. Some contributed money. Some went to hearings. Some baked cookies. Some worked until late hours of the night to put out mailings – printing on the mimeograph, folding or licking stamps.

Protecting the Oregon we love for the last 50 years truly has been the work of many.

From the beginning, each of our accomplishments can be attributed to ordinary people doing extraordinary things. One way or another in big ways and small, our members have devoted their time and energy to create a powerful movement. This legacy of activism and spirit continues within our membership today.

OEC’s 50-year heritage is a collection of individual stories and persistent efforts like Char’s. We thank you Char, as we thank all of our members, for serving as an example to your community, colleagues and family. And for all the ways you and others contribute to OEC’s legacy to protect all that we love about Oregon.

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