Sponsored content: Celebrating 50 years Innovation: Intel & Oregon Environmental Council

Our state motto, “she flies with her own wings,” has long been reflected in the spirit of the people of Oregon, with a readiness to embrace new ideas and look towards the possibilities of tomorrow.

That same spirit resides in two important Oregon mainstays – Intel Corporation and the Oregon Environmental Council. Both organizations share a commitment to making our state a better place to live.

Intel was founded in 1968 and first came to Oregon in 1974. Since then, Intel’s presence in the region has helped position Washington County as the center of Oregon’s Silicon Forest. Intel is evolving from a PC-centric company to a data-centric company that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices that are creating and driving the data explosion.  The company was built with a purpose: to ponder what might be possible – to imagine, question and then do wonderful things in pursuit of a better future. This year Intel celebrates a half-century of innovation that has profoundly changed the world. The company is working to create a better tomorrow not only with the technologies they create, but by working to reduce their environmental footprint.

As part of company’s commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability, Intel has invested more than $237 million in water conservation projects since 1998. Over the past two decades, the company has conserved billions of gallons of water and returns approximately 80-percent of its water use back to local communities. Last year, Intel announced a new goal to restore 100-percent of their global water use by 2025. As part of these efforts, Intel is supporting Oregon based projects including the Bowers Rock State Park side channel restoration, Horseshoe Lake Oxbow restoration, Wapato Lake restoration and management, and an internet of things smart agriculture pilot project – all together restoring millions of gallons of water throughout the state of Oregon.

Like Intel, the Oregon Environmental Council has made great strides since 1968 in helping to make Oregon a better place to live by promoting forward-looking innovations. Thanks to the Oregon Environmental Council’s leadership and collaboration with many others, our state is home to curbside recycling, cleaner cars, cleaner fuels, and smart planning policies that protect farmland, wilderness areas and so much more.

As we celebrate the last 50 years, we look forward to all that is possible in the next 50. Intel and Oregon Environmental Council will continue to bring Oregonians together to “fly with our own wings,” ensuring a brighter future for all Oregonians.

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