Water Stories

Building a shared vision for our water future through stories from Oregonians

Water. Culture. Tradition. Protection.

Indigenous relationships to water go deeper than a resource. A new project aims to bring Native voices to the forefront of state water conversations.

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Salmon Release Day

Salmon Release Day video still
Oregon's rivers are at risk. Lucky for us, young people across the state are stepping up to restore healthy watersheds and protect your drinking water.

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Protecting a sacred resource

While the Dakota Access Pipeline has brought the rights and traditions of Native people into the national spotlight, preserving the integrity of this sacred resource is not a new challenge for Northwest tribes. 

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OEC Celebrates Scientists: Allison Aldous, Freshwater Scientist

“People underestimate how dependent we are on healthy rivers and watersheds... Science can help clarify the relationship we have with water.”

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Restoring Hamilton Creek: The Soltaus’ Story

As early spring blooms pop open and a great blue heron takes off across the water, Glen Soltau walks the trails on his property along Hamilton Creek outside of Lebanon, Ore. When Glen and his wife, Leslie, bought the property in 1992, Hamilton Creek was overrun with invasive blackberries, some growing as tall as 10-12 feet high, and cows walked in the streambed disrupting fish habitat and eroding the banks.Now rows of native willow, dogwood and elderberry have replaced the blackberries. Indian plum provides an early season nectar source for hummingbirds. Beavers build ...

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Nature doesn’t waste water. Why should we?

This year on World Water Day, the United Nations Water program is focusing on the impacts of wastewater globally.

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