Calling all who breathe. Call your State Senator!

Just as we are about to take to the streets to celebrate science, the Oregon Legislature is about to reject it.

In a last-minute move, the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources stripped SB 1008 “Clean Engines, Clean Air Act” of nearly every feature that would have ensured clean engines—and restored clean air—to our state.

They also stripped any mention of the scientific facts on how diesel pollution acts on the body to rob people of health, life and livelihoodsAnd then they passed this shell of a bill along to the Senate Rules Committee.

NOW is your chance to celebrate science by insisting on it, right here in OregonCall your State Senator today. Click on the pink button, put in your address—you’ll be automatically connected to the right person.


Speak up now: It’s time to get serious and insist on healthy standards in SB 1008 Clean Engines, Clean Air while we still have the chance. We must act in the next few days. This can’t wait. Call today.

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