Gift Acceptance Policies

To protect our integrity and the confidence of our members, we reserve the right to reject any support that could be seen to compromise our reputation, independence or effectiveness. We evaluate our partnerships with an eye towards long-lasting relationships with meaningful results, based on a number of criteria, including:

1. Our business member has a clear understanding of and agreement with Oregon Environmental Council’s mission and goals.

2. Acceptance of the gift does not hinder Oregon Environmental Council’s ability to comment on or participate in processes related to our mission.

3. The contribution in no way limits or places expectations – written or unspoken – on actions that we may take or policies we may advocate.

For more information about partnering with Oregon Environmental Council, email Kevin Kasowski, Director of Foundations and Corporate Relations, or call (503) 222-1963 x120.

Oregon Environmental Council is committed to being accountable and transparent while finding effective solutions to Oregon’s pressing environmental issues. We are proud to be one of only 31 Oregon non-profit organizations to get a four star rating from Charity Navigator in 2014.