Ballot measures (updated July 2016)

OEC and our supporters tracked a number of ballot measures in the spring and summer of 2016. Here are the original descriptions, each with an update as of July 2016:

In May:

Fix Our Streets Portland

Fix Our Streets Portland will raise much-needed revenue to fund transportation improvements that boost people’s ability to walk, bike or take transit, all of which are integral to reducing auto pollution. July 2016: Success!  Portland voters approved a temporary 10-cent-a-gallon tax, which is expected to bring in $64 million to be used for roads, pedestrians and- bicycle safety near schools. 

Rogue Valley Transit Now

Oregon lags far behind other states in supporting the daily operations of its local transit systems. From Basin Transit Service in Klamath Falls to TriMet in the Portland metro area, bus drivers and rail operators are getting people the places they need to go and creating broader community benefits, like less congestion and cleaner air. But our state contributes only 3% of operations funding, compared with state contribution of over 24% nationally. As OEC continues to push the state to step up to the plate, we are supporting local funding proposals like Rogue Valley Transit Now. July 2016: Success! Local funding will allow Saturday bus service to return to the area. The next challenge: getting legislature to step up with additional support.

In November:

Outdoor School for All
Kids come alive – curious and engaged – when they get outdoors. Outdoor education has been an Oregon tradition for over 50 years — yet today less than half of all Oregon students have the opportunity to participate in Outdoor School. Outdoor School is a smart, time-tested, hands-on science-based week of solid, effective education. Breathing fresh air, surrounded by wonder, and collaborating with other kids builds confidence and self-sufficiency as children learn to value and make responsible choices about our incredible natural resources. OEC has endorsed the campaign, led by the Outdoor School for All Coalition to secure significant and lasting public funding for every Oregon fifth or sixth grader to experience a full week of Outdoor School. July 2016: Success!   Volunteers gathered the signatures necessary to secure a spot on the ballot in November.

Anti-immigrant measures:

Oregon Environmental Council has joined a growing coalition coming together to defeat three extreme anti-immigrant ballot measures. We believe these measures are an attack on Oregon communities that undermines our work for clean air, clean water and healthy places to live. We are encouraging our members to say NO to IP 40, IP 51 and IP 52, which together would put up road blocks to participation in society for tens of thousands of Oregonians. July 2016: Success! None of these measures qualified for the ballot. A unified coalition prevailed; but anti-immigrant advocates vow to return next election, and we must continue to stand together. 

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