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5 things 2 know about #CEJ: March edition

There will be a few dozen elderly Oregonians, several decades from now, who will tell their grandchildren about the great debate of 2019.

Enormous youth turnout reflects global movement to #ActOnClimate

Oregon proudly joined an unprecedented youth movement demanding lawmakers take climate change seriously.

Another massive, energetic turnout for Clean Energy Jobs

More than 600 Oregonians, from all 30 Senate districts, gathered on Feb. 6, 2019 at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem in support of the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB 2020).

Salem area dedicates Good Cents, celebrates Bottle Bill

The crisp, mostly sunny day was perfect to commemorate the ground-breaking law, to learn about its impact today,and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oregon Environmental Council. Our organization partnered with the City of Salem and the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative to commission Good Cents,a sculpture by celebrated Oregon artists Lillian Pitt, and Mikkel and Saralyn Hilde.

Oregonians attend DEQ hearing to speak against EPA rollbacks

Dozens of concerned Oregonians left messages of opposition to proposals that would reverse environmental standards that protect our climate from greenhouse gases and communities from harmful air pollution during a public gathering in Portland.Organized by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Multnomah County after the federal administration refused to plan a public hearing in the state, the hearing included a court reporter so that residents, families, doctors, teachers and others could formally speak their concerns. Others left written statements with officials who ensured they would reach the appropriate federal agencies ...

Oregonians tell lawmakers, don’t delay, pass CEJ

Lawmakers at the Capitol this week saw dozens of Oregonians set up appointments with lawmakers to express support for the Clean Energy Jobs bill, while others packed the seats at the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction, and yet others gathered to write letters to news editors.

9th Circuit opinion preserves momentum for Clean Fuels Standards

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion today upholding a lower court’s ruling dismissing industry claims against Oregon’s groundbreaking Clean Fuels Standard.

Electric cars get the spotlight with Drive Electric Week

 The time for learning about electric cars has never been better.National Drive Electric Week starts Saturday and fans of electric cars throughout the state are holding events offering test drives and camaraderie for folks who are curious or desire electrified transportation. The events coincide with vast amounts of Oregon-specific information that’s online to help consumer learn more before buying their next car.Why electric cars instead of gas-powered cars? Simply, cars and other vehicles emit nearly 40% of the pollution that’s changing our climate and spew harmful air toxics. #PollutionStinks and it makes asthma worse, our ...

Clean Energy Jobs remains strong for 2019: an interactive roundup

Oregon’s desire for a cap-and-invest program has never been stronger and that strength will continue to grow until lawmakers finally pass this bill in 2019.Senate and House leadership, along with the Governor's Office, have committed to passing the Clean Energy Job bill next year during the longer session. While the 15,500 Oregonians who signed petitions urging adoption this session never saw the bill reach a floor vote, President Peter Courtney and Speaker Tina Kotek have announced the creation of a Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction that they will co-chair and Gov. Kate Brown has created a new Carbon Policy Office to oversee the process. The ...

Our statements on recent action: One step closer for Clean Energy Jobs

SALEM -- This afternoon, the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and House Committee on Energy and Environment voted in favor of the Clean Energy Jobs bill, SB 1507/HB 4001. The Clean Energy Jobs bill limits climate pollution from the state’s biggest emitters, creates a flexible market-based strategy to enforce the limit, and invests the proceeds in renewable energy and energy-saving strategies for businesses and individuals in rural and urban communities across Oregon.The bill now goes to Senate and House Rules Committees.Andrea Durbin, Executive Director, Oregon Environmental Council: “Hundreds of people from every ...