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Gov. Brown Boosts Water Conservation

New executive orders help mitigate climate change through Oregon's building codes and address key principals of ensuring a reliable water future: efficiency and re-use.

“Clean water = humanity”

Bringing people together to dance, celebrate Oregon, and start a conversation about clean water

What does clean water mean to you?

We’re collecting your stories about clean water to highlight what Oregonians’ care about and keep the pressure on policymakers to protect this precious resource.

Clean water: 45 years & no turning back

On the 45th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, we're shining a spotlight on the work still needed to protect clean water for our communities, our economy, and future generations.

Celebrating 45 Years of Clean Water

50 years ago, our rivers looked a lot different. Today, we celebrate the Clean Water Act and discuss the work that still must be done to make sure every Oregonian has access to fishable, drinkable, and swimmable waterways.

Protecting clean water at home

The choices you make in your yard can make a big difference to the health of local streams, wildlife and our drinking water. Before you think about spraying weed killer or reseeding your lawn this fall, consider these tips for a low-maintenance landscape.

Help inform a smarter water future

This week, Oregon’s water resources commissioners will discuss how to address our water challenges. Speak up today to make sure they hold the department accountable for protecting Oregon’s water future.

Protecting a sacred resource

While the Dakota Access Pipeline has brought the rights and traditions of Native people into the national spotlight, preserving the integrity of this sacred resource is not a new challenge for Northwest tribes. 

Summer with a side of algae

Add Odell Lake and Ross Island to the list. As summer heats up, harmful algae blooms are taking off across the state. Now is the time to talk about why this is happening and what we can do to stop it.

Stop the Clean Water roll back

The water flowing in streams and percolating in the ground is directly connected to what comes out of your tap. We depend on clean water to support healthy communities, a vibrant economy, and habitat for native fish and wildlife. Water is the fundamental building block that defines our way of life in the Northwest.But our clean water is at risk.The EPA recently started the process to repeal the Clean Water Rule, a landmark set of guidelines that strengthened protections for important waterways. Without it, fewer streams, wetlands, and other waters would be protected by the Clean Water Act’s requirement to clean up polluted waters, its ...