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Protecting the Source

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Whether it comes from the ground or a local river or reservoir? Who or what you live downstream from?

How will you shape our water future?

It will take commitment from Oregonians across the state to preserve the water we depend on. Add your voice to Oregon's World Water Day campaign today.

Salmon Release Day

Oregon's rivers are at risk. Lucky for us, young people across the state are stepping up to restore healthy watersheds and protect your drinking water.

Keep investing in rural communities

Newly incorporated in 2006, the City of LaPine has been working for the past decade to build the systems and services that residents of other Oregon cities take for granted. Now, this small community is looking to the future by connecting 300 existing lots to a safe municipal drinking water and sewer system to provide families with clean water and prevent pollution from impacting the health of residents and rivers downstream.But for a small town, it can be challenging to build whole new systems or keep pace with current rules and best practices.Reports this year by the Natural Resources Defense Council and USA Today showed that drinking ...

Wins on the Road to Clean Water

Thanks to you, state officials have updated Oregon’s roadmap for managing our water systems to prioritize healthy people, ecosystems, and a sustainable future for Oregon.

Wildfires and our water resources

As we face a future with more wildfires, it's time to start looking beyond the burn. Even after flames die down, our watersheds are still at increased risk.

Gov. Brown Boosts Water Conservation

New executive orders help mitigate climate change through Oregon's building codes and address key principals of ensuring a reliable water future: efficiency and re-use.

“Clean water = humanity”

Bringing people together to dance, celebrate Oregon, and start a conversation about clean water

What does clean water mean to you?

We’re collecting your stories about clean water to highlight what Oregonians’ care about and keep the pressure on policymakers to protect this precious resource.

Clean water: 45 years & no turning back

On the 45th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, we're shining a spotlight on the work still needed to protect clean water for our communities, our economy, and future generations.